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PhD Ocean Sciences

MS Biology

BS Wildlife & Conservation Biology

Marine ecologist

I study how marine animals interact with the ocean. Animal tracking and remote sensing help me understand where animals go, and why. I study foodwebs with stable isotopes. And I study how animals are exposed to chemicals like contaminants in the marine environment.

I have worked on avian ecology research projects since 2003. Like the animals I study, these projects have been wide-ranging, and have taken me around the world.


Ph.D, Ocean Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
M.S., Biology, Bucknell University
B.S., Wildlife & Conservation Biology, University of Rhode Island

    Research Interests


Foraging ecology

Where do marine animals go to find food?

What is the ocean like in those places?

Castor Is. & Zeni (3).JPG

Marine ecotoxicology

To what contaminants are seabirds exposed in different parts of the ocean?

How do contaminants impact seabirds?

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Plastic pollution

Plastic is everywhere!

How fast do polymers break down in the environment?


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